Acer, London 2012

Prestigious ACER Olympics Pavilion Entices Visitors

The Olympic London is in the centre of attention of the whole world. 10,500 sportspeople from more than 200 countries have arrived to fight for medals and millions of spectators are heading towards the sports field. None of the Olympic sponsors wants to miss out such concentration of interest.

Estetico designed and built a stunning Olympic pavilion in London for ACER, the official sponsor of the Olympic Games and the world's second largest PC vendor. See for yourself here how a three-storey building with two lifts was erected in 2 months. Estetico brought approximately 350 tons of material on 20 lorries to the premises with a floor area of almost 1,300 m2. You can view in more detail the attractive exterior and a well-structured interior equipped with state-of-the-art computer and multi-media technology here.