Realization throughout the world

We are providers of large-scale exhibition solutions, exciting events and exclusive adventures. We produce exhibitions across Europe and take part in projects all round the world. One year for Estetico – hundreds of expositions built on tens of thousands sq m. Working with global clients and network agencies, we are a partner to successful companies, institutions, cities, regions and even individual states. Our key values are flexibility, responsibility and loyalty to brands we represent.

Presentations at Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

We produce top quality functional units, exhibitions parts, or comprehensive, unconventionally designed trade fairs. We deliver presentations whether held in the largest trade fair complexes or simply in the open air. For every enquiry we implement, we create a project team consisting of highly professional technicians and engineers, specifically trained to design a solution tailored to your needs. We see our major challenge in a comprehensive production for global trade fairs and industry conferences.


Event production

In cooperation with our subsidiary company Arkadia, we organize events of various sizes and specializations, realize conferences, seminars, adventure challenge events, present new products. We are the partner of famous designers during the realization of fashion shows. We are able to meet any requirements and assignments of a client.


Special projects

We realize unique and specific projects within various fields. We are the supplier of interiors for private persons, companies, architectonic and projection offices and mediators. Our international activities enable us to realize interiors anywhere in Europe. Our partners are museums, too, for which we create new, modern and up-to-date expositions.


Realization throughout the world


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